New Year, New Page


Happy New Years! Welcome to the new page of YOURS TRULY. Its been a wild ride these past few years; juggling family, friends, classes, and work. As with all, my time for this balancing act will soon draw to a close. My impending graduation, while daunting, leaves in its wake even more opportunities ripe for the picking. The year 2015 will undoubtedly be filled with life-altering changes; one being my dedication to give you the best visual, professional, and personal experience I can.

Main changes to the site include the addition of built in inquiries, secure online viewing and ordering for clients, and a general aesthetic overhaul. This new site will be home to up-to-date photos and films, and even a blog to feature current projects, inspiration, updates, and tips you can use to improve your own photos and videos.

When it comes down to it, my job depends on you. You wonderful people who take time out of your day to look at a photograph or film; sometimes weeks or even months of work can go into a single piece and it is so humbling to know it is enjoyed, even if only by a few. Thank you!

So take a moment to check out the new site, maybe watch my latest film "SERA", or simply peruse my PORTFOLIO; if you like what you see, consider sending a link to your friends! If you've already done that, check out this fantastic ARTIST and check back in a few weeks for more cool stuff!




I got a haircut!

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