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Who I am

Self-starting, technically minded individual with a love of dramatic imagery and problem solving. Dedicated to a firm artistic integrity no matter the work, and always seeks to complete tasks despite complications or lack of current knowledge through elegant or if needed unorthodox means. A connoisseur of all things ‘interesting’. A feverish light hunter.


Director of Photography: Professional experience in generating, and executing the visual aesthetic of a production through pre-visualization, equipment acquisition, camera and lens selection, lighting, and managing of the camera and grip departments, and camera operation.

Selected Projects:

Casualty: Anna Akana  [Big Forest | Dir. Jordan Harms] - Summer 2018 {in post}
Crush: Tessa Violet  [Big Forest | Dir. Jordan Harms] - 2018 {32 mil Views}
Sales Training for Office 360: Microsoft  [Coolfire Studios] - Spring 2017


1st/2nd Assistant Camera: Professional experience in assisting the Camera Operator and/or Director of Photography to maintain consistently smooth operation between and during shots, including but not limited to: camera building and prep, pulling focus, changing lenses, maintaining Lenses. Owner of a wireless focus system with two motors.

Selected Projects:
Dreambone: Dreambone [Coolfire Studios] {2nd} - Fall 2018
The Least of These: Poets in Autumn [Dir. Adam Miller] {1st} - Summer 2018
Connecting Through Digital Aid: Mastercard [Dir. Imraan Ismail] {1st} - Fall 2017


Digital Image Technician: Professional experience in preparing, handling and delivering media from on site productions to post production members. Skills include but are not limited to: Media offload and backup, multi camera media management, onsite looks, onsite compositing, transcodes, lut generation, and dailies. Owner of custom made kit.

Selected Projects:
Dreambone: Dreambone [Coolfire Studios | Dir. Cody Stokes] - Fall 2018
Dress: Electrolux [Coolfire Studios | Dir. Cody Stokes] - Spring 2018The Ghost Who Walks (FEATURE FILM): [Dir. Cody Stokes] - Nov. - Dec. 2017

- Camera
RED Ecosystem
ARRI Alexa mini
Black Magic Ecosystem
Sony Ecosystem

- Specialized Support
Movi Pro 2 / Ronin

Adobe Suite
Davinci Resolve
Shotput Pro
Windows / Mac


B.F.A. Cinema Arts - Lindenwood University (St. Charles, MO)