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Self-starting, technically minded individual with a love of dramatic imagery and problem solving. Dedicated to a firm artistic integrity no matter the work, and always seeks to complete tasks despite complications or lack of current knowledge through elegant or if needed unorthodox means. A connoisseur of all things ‘interesting’. A feverish light hunter.


Director of Photography: Professional experience in generating, and executing the visual aesthetic of a production through pre-visualization, equipment acquisition, camera and lens selection, lighting, and managing of the camera and grip departments, and camera operation.

Selected Projects

Casualty (In Post): Anna Akana  [Dir. Jordan Harms] - Summer 2018 {in post}
Crush: Tessa Violet  [Dir. Jordan Harms] - Spring 2018 {32 mil Views}
Sales Training for Office 360: Microsoft  [Coolfire Studios] - Spring 2017


1st/2nd Assistant Camera: Professional experience in assisting the Camera Operator and/or Director of Photography to maintain consistently smooth operation between and during shots, including but not limited to: camera building and prep, pulling focus, changing lenses, maintaining Lenses. Owner of a wireless focus system with two motors.

Selected Projects

Dreambone: Dreambone [Coolfire Studios] {2nd} - Fall 2018
The Least of These: Poets in Autumn [Dir. Adam Miller] {1st} - Summer 2018
Connecting Through Digital Aid: Mastercard [Dir. Imraan Ismail] {1st} - Fall 2017


Producer: Professional experience in preparing and coordinating productions including but not limited to script breakdowns, aquiring crew, negotiating rates and rental fees, production day logistics, legal, finantial, general organization. Skills also include project bidding and complex sheet automation within Google Sheets.

Double Grave: Music Video [Zach & Maggie | Big Forest LLC] - Summer 2019
Casualty: Music Video [Anna Akana | Big Forest LLC](In Post) - Summer 2018
Crush: Music Video [Tessa Violet | Big Forest LLC] - Spring 2018 {36 mil Views}


RED Ecosystem
ARRI Alexa mini
Black Magic Ecosystem

Movi Pro 2

Adobe Suite
Davinci Resolve
Shotput Pro
Windows / Mac
Google Office Suite
Microsoft Office Suite

Jon Michael Ryan [Tangent Mind] Call: (314) 972-3548 -
Dan Gartner [Freelance] Call: (314) 691-1777 -
Brian Cummings [Brian Cummings Still and Motion] Call: (314) 359-1022 -

B.F.A. Cinema Arts - Lindenwood University (St. Charles, MO)